The Basics Of The Probate Process


The legal process of transferring an individual’s property, upon their death, to designated beneficiaries is known as "probate." Although the probate laws have changed over time, the purpose has remained pretty much the same. First, an individual formalizes their intentions regarding the transfer of their property at the time of their death. The vehicle for this is typically a will.  Upon the individual’s death, their property is collected, certain debts are paid from the estate, and the property is distributed as prescribed in the will. The basic process of probating a deceased individual’s estate includes:


  • Collecting all probate property of the decedent;
  • Paying all debts, claims and taxes owed by the estate;
  • Collecting all rights to income, dividends, etc.;
  • Settling any disputes; and
  • Distributing or transferring the remaining property to the heirs.


Administering the probate process


The probate process is a court-supervised process designed to sort out the transfer of a person's property at death. This is commonly referred to as "probating a will." This legal process exists for the protection of all the parties involved.


It is, in fact, quite possible to avoid the probate process completely. The three primary ways to avoid probate and its protections is through joint ownership with the right of survivorship, gifts and revocable trusts.


What can you expect to happen during the probate process?


When a will exists, an individual will identify an executor or executrix who will, upon death, take over the management of that individual’s affairs. If the decedent fails to name an executor, the court will appoint a personal representative, or administrator, to settle the estate.


Typically, people may leave property to any person they wish, and may make such designations in their will. However, in certain situations, depending on the relationship to the decedent and the laws of the state, the decedent's wishes may have to be overridden by the court. For example, in most states, a spouse is entitled to a certain amount of property and creditors may have a claim on the property of the estate. The more complex and sizable a decedent’s estate, the longer and more time-consuming this probate process can be.


In some cases, the probate process may be contested. Arguments often raised include: the decedent may have been improperly influenced in making gifts, the decedent did not know what they were doing (insufficient mental capacity) at the time the will was executed, and the decedent did not follow the necessary legal formalities in drafting his or her will. The majority of probated estates, however, are uncontested.


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