Sooner Or Later All Trusts Come To An End So What Happens Then?


Trusts are a great way to manage property. A trust is a special type of property arrangement in which the original owner of the property, called the "grantor," places some property in trust, designates someone to take care of it, called the "trustee," for the benefit of another person, who is called a "beneficiary." The rules for how the property must be used, and how to take care of it, are spelled out in a written document, called the "trust instrument."  Nevertheless, trusts come to an end, sooner or later. The whole point of financial planning is to create a certain amount of predictability and security. By informing yourself about the termination of trusts you can avoid unintended outcomes.


Ways a Trust Can End


The first and easiest way a trust can end is that the trust property is exhausted. If the trust property was cash or stocks, this can happen when all of the money, plus interest, gets paid to the beneficiary. If the property was some other asset, like a house, then the trust may end when the house is destroyed or the trust itself comes to an end. Trusts can also end when the grantor specifies an end date or condition, and that condition is met.


What Happens after a Trust Ends


Assuming there is still property in the trust, the trustee will work with the beneficiary to distribute the remaining property. Some grantors include instructions in the trust instrument that say how the assets should be distributed. When there are no instructions, the trustee and the beneficiaries must decide a fair way of splitting up the assets. In situations where the potential beneficiaries are at odds with one another, a lawyer's assistance can be even more important, since conflicts increase the possibility that litigation will be necessary to resolve the dispute.


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