Probate Process In The State of Texas


After the death of a loved one emotions are running extremely high.  One of the practical decisions that must be made in the face of this grief and confusion is the proper distribution of your late loved one’s estate.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often and prohibits clear thinking individuals from making unemotional financial decisions. As you go through the probate process in the state of Texas, there may be legal terms that are unfamiliar to you. A dispassionate third party is necessary to sort out the details as to whether or not a probate is necessary.


Important probate process terms


The Decedent is the person who has died and whose will is being probated.  The Will is the legal document of the decedent that identifies the desired distribution of assets.  The Estate is all of the decedent’s assets.  The Beneficiaries include any and all loved ones named in the will.  Then there is the Executor or Executrix, this is the person who inventories and catalogues the decedent’s assets and sees that the estate is administered according to law relying on the advice of a probate attorney. Just to be clear, the Executor refers to a male executor while the Executrix refers to a female executor.


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