Ins And Outs Of Challenging a Will - Part 2


While it is possible to sue a will during the probate process, not everyone can sue to contest a will. According to basic probate laws, only "interested persons" may challenge a will, and only for valid legal reasons. The Probate Code identifies "interested persons" as heirs (family members), beneficiaries, creditors, and other parties who have a property right or claim against the estate being administered.


Examples of valid legal reasons to contest a will include:


  • Incapacity of the deceased person when they wrote the will
  • Fraud or someone exerting undue influence over the testator
  • Insufficient or inappropriate witnesses
  • Unclear provisions of the will
  • The existence of a later valid will


This 2 part series of articles will focus on the ins and outs of challenging a will including:


  • Legal Standing to Contest a Will
  • Beneficiaries versus legal standing
  • Heirs versus legal standing
  • Minors versus legal standing
  • Consequences of contesting a Will
  • No-Contest Clauses in Wills


Part 1 addressed Legal Standing to Contest a Will, Beneficiaries versus legal standing and Heirs versus legal standing. Part 2 addresses Minors versus legal standing, Consequences of contesting a Will and No-Contest Clauses in Wills.


Minors versus legal standing


Minors cannot challenge a will until they have reached the age of majority (typically age 18), however, a parent or guardian may initiate a lawsuit on their behalf.


Consequences of contesting a Will


The most obvious consequence of contesting a will is the cost of going to court. Most people will choose to hire a probate attorney to bring a will contest lawsuit to court. Depending on the size of the potential inheritance and the complexity of the case, the expense of a will contest may or may not be cost-effective.


No-Contest Clauses in Wills


If you are a beneficiary of a will and there is a no-contest clause, there is a possibility that if you lose your lawsuit, you could be disinherited. But again, that will depend upon whether your state enforces no-contest clauses.


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