Grass Fires in the Texas Panhandle Cause Devastating Losses


Grass Fires in the Texas Panhandle Cause Devastating Losses

Recently, fires in the Texas Panhandle have destroyed thousands of acres, killed livestock and even resulted in loss of human life. This disaster can be devastating to each property owner, family and individual that suffered personal injuries, loss of life and or property loss caused by these out of control grass fires. If this disaster happens to you, it is imperative to have a lawyer start quickly to gather evidence as soon after the grass fire as possible. Cornett Law Firm has experience dealing with damages caused by previous grass fires in the Panhandle of Texas.


What are the recovery possibilities for losses caused by a grass fire

There are two types of possible recoveries. These include insurance claims and recovery from individuals or companies. If someone else’s negligence started the grass fire, then evidence needs to be recovered, preserved, and organized for presentation to insurance companies as well as presented in court if that becomes necessary. Damages for all your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and your personal incapacity caused by the fire may be recovered by way of settlement or trial from the person or company whose negligence started the fire.


In the past, Cornett Law Firm has made recoveries for our clients, including fires started by electric utility lines and railroads. Individual property owners whose negligence was the cause of a grass fire usually have insurance to pay for the damages their negligence created. Our firm can help in all types of cases that have resulted in damages from all types of grass fires.


We have had recoveries for our clients in cases where damages were caused by grass fires and recovery was only available from our client’s home owner’s insurance. Many homeowner's insurance companies will come out and offer a small quick settlement & ask you to sign a release. Do not fall for a small quick settlement until you know your rights under your insurance policy and the full extent and value of your damages.


Do not fall into the belief that you think you can handle your own claim

If you had losses caused by the recent wildfires, you need to seek out the best help possible to process your claim.  An experienced attorney can help you organize and present your insurance claim to the proper insurance company’s adjuster so you can get the full and fair damages you deserve. Bill Cornett and the Cornett Law Firm know that they probably could not do your job if they showed up on a Monday morning at your workplace? The same logic says that you are not likely to be successful representing yourself rather than benefiting from an attorney who has the benefit of law school and over four decades of legal experience. Getting a fair settlement is almost always helped by knowing what you are entitled to in the way of insurance benefits and what you could expect from a judge and jury. The proper organization and presentation of the full measure of your damages to the insurance company and or judge and jury is a must if you are going to get a fair recovery.


Cornett Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to get you everything you deserve

Call Bill Cornett at (806) 374-9498.  The Cornett Law Firm is conveniently located in Amarillo, Texas. Call for a free consultation or connect with us via email.  We can help you and want very much to help you recover your losses. Bill Cornett and the Cornett Law Firm have been helping clients successfully for over 45 years. We have helped many of our clients recover much more in damages than their insurance company initially offered.  Don’t delay getting the help you need.  Contact Bill TODAY!!


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