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Overview Of Wrongful Death Lawsuits - Part 3

This 4 part series of articles will provide an overview of the wrongful death lawsuit process. Part 1 in this series addressed Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit. Part 2 in this series addressed Determining Pecuniary Loss and Adjustments in the Jury's Award. Part 3 in this series will address Using Expert Testimony to Determine Pecuniary Loss and Punitive Damages... Read entire article


Overview Of Wrongful Death Lawsuits - Part 2

This 4 part series of articles will provide an overview of the wrongful death lawsuit process. Part 1 in this series addressed Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit. Part 2 in this series addressed Determining Pecuniary Loss and Adjustments in the Jury's Award... Read entire article


Overview Of Wrongful Death Lawsuits - Part 1

This 4 part series of articles will provide an overview of the wrongful death lawsuit process.  Part 1 in this series addressed Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit.... Read entire article


Probate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people structure their estate planning options to enable avoiding the probate process altogether.  Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that should be addressed as part of your estate planning efforts. Read entire article


Probate Court And The Probate Process

Probate in many cases is not necessary in Texas. When probate is necessary, in most cases it is not an expensive process.  Probate becomes expensive when the heirs are fighting over the assets. Bill Cornett is glad to help you avoid probate or go the least expensive path if available. Read entire article


The Basics Of The Probate Process

The legal process of transferring an individual’s property, upon their death, to designated beneficiaries is known as "probate." Although the probate laws have changed over time, the purpose has remained pretty much the same. Read entire article


Compensation Following A Car Accident, Truck Accident Or Motorcycle Accident

If you were injured in a car accident, a truck accident or a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to receive compensation from those who were at fault. To get an idea of the compensation you might be entitled to it is imperative that you contact you Amarillo personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Read entire article


Car Accidents

Most car accidents typically are limited to damage to one or both cars, however, even these so called fender-benders can result in car accident-related injuries. These injuries are not always apparent immediately following a car accident and may take hours or even days to be properly diagnosed. Read entire article


Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycle riders are able to enjoy the freedoms of the road that come with their chosen form of transportation, they are frequently subjected to unique dangers not typically experienced by other drivers on the same roads. The Risks of the Road are all too real for motorcycle riders. Read entire article


Truck Accidents

A commercial truck accident can be much more devastating than an accident between two cars or pickup trucks. A typical, fully loaded commercial truck can weigh upwards of 20 times that of a typical car. Due to this significant weight disparity, most commercial truck accidents involving cars typically result in serious, even fatal, injuries. Read entire article


The Little Guy Vs The Big Corporation

Personal injury is often about David vs. Goliath.  An individual or family has been injured and the accused perpetrator may be a business or someone driving a company truck.  It happens every day in America.  Maybe a driver of a vehicle owned by a large corporation causes you or a loved one bodily injury. Read entire article


Writing Your Will In Amarillo Texas

Some people say you can write your own will.  It is just an expression of your wishes right?  Not so fast!  If a mistake is made, then your will may be rendered unenforceable after your death.  Now there is nothing that your survivors can do about it.  They will be forced to battle it out in the courts and who knows what a mess that will be. Read entire article


Frequently Asked Questions About Wills In Amarillo Texas

Planning ahead is always a good idea.  Creating a will is one of those planning tools that each of us should take the time to prepare.  There are many questions that arise when preparing a will.  Here are some examples of frequently asked questions and their answers about wills.  Take the time to go over these before meeting with an Amarillo Attorney or attempting to create a will using an online source. Read entire article


Probate Is Not Expensive

Probate has been given a bad rap.  It does not have to be an arduous and expensive process.  In many cases, probate is not even necessary!  Did you know that filing for probate is usually a matter of filing an application, having a hearing for 15 minutes before a county judge, making an inventory sheet, and simply filing a motion to close? Read entire article


Vacation Time Means Fun And Travel But Car Accidents Are A Constant Threat

The 4th of July is just around the corner and it’s time for you and your family to hit the road.  It should be a glorious holiday weekend with lots of activities, things to see and places to go.  Itis a time to reflect on how blessed we are to live in the greatest country in the world and for the many freedoms we share.  It is also the start of a busy vacation season.  Nearly half of the US will take a summer vacation.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Americans will travel nearly 700,000 miles on vacation.  That represents a lot more traffic on roadways in the panhandle and beyond. With lots more travelers on the road, the chance of being involved in a car accident become more and more possible. Read entire article


Probate Process In The State of Texas

After the death of a loved one emotions are running extremely high.  One of the practical decisions that must be made in the face of this grief and confusion is the proper distribution of your late loved one’s estate.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often and prohibits clear thinking individuals from making unemotional financial decisions. As you go through the probate process in the state of Texas, there may be legal terms that are unfamiliar to you. A dispassionate third party is necessary to sort out the details as to whether or not a probate is necessary. Read entire article


First Things First If You Have Been Rear-Ended In A Car Accident

If you have the misfortune of being in an auto accident, they only good news would be that it is better to have been rear-ended.  You are probably not at fault in this sort of collision.  If you have been subjected to this type of car accident it does not mean you are not hurt.  Injuries may show up after you leave the crash scene, so don’t just “shake it off”. Read entire article


The First Step In A Personal Injury Claim

When you feel that you have a legitimate personal injury case, it is important to act quickly.  The first thing that many people feel is, “Oh well, I will just let it go and I will get better over time”.  While this is positive thinking it does not address the issue of fair compensation.  Your life may be changed negatively after this incident. Personal injury is fairly easy to define.  It boils down to injuries that are caused by other people or companies.  Sometimes it may be both - as in a case, when someone is driving a vehicle owned by the company for which they work.  It is important to seek an attorney who (1) offers a free consultation, (2) is certified in Personal Injury Trial Law, and (3) works on a contingency fee.  Therefore, if you win the case the attorney gets paid from the settlement and there is not an upfront cost to the client.

Read entire article


Do You Need Estate Planning?

Nearly everyone owns an estate whether they feel that they do or not and the answer to the question of whether or not you need estate planning is frequently “YES”.  It is the simple act of making a written plan of where you want your worldly assets to go when you leave this life.  While it does not have to be elaborate and certainly not expensive it needs to be done right.  Of course, it may always be altered later.

Read entire article


Fighting For The Little Guy

Let’s face it, the vast majority of us are “little guys”.  There is no shame in that, but when you have a personal injury claim you are fighting the “big boys”.  Insurance companies have deep pockets and, in many cases, a cadre of attorneys.  On the surface it may seem insurmountable.  The odds could be in your favor if you find someone who fights for you as he would his own family.

Read entire article


Fighting A Drug Charge

Let’s face it, the laws around the nation are changing.  As they change, America’s use of drugs evolves as well.  We know that prescription drug use, for example, has become rampant.  In other areas, what once was the illegal use of marijuana now is acceptable in certain amounts under the law.  Being caught with certain drugs such as cocaine or heroin will probably never be legal. One thing is certain - being convicted of a drug charge could ruin your life!

Read entire article


Understanding Child Support Payment Requirements

Sometimes it becomes extremely challenging to keep up with child support payments.  You know that you have a legal obligation to help finance the lives that you have helped create, but now you have moved on and have an extended family whom you wish to care for “until death do you part”. Please understand that unpaid child support is considered contempt of court by most judges.  They will almost certainly rule that unpaid support is due and payable immediately. Read entire article


Get To Know Your Amarillo Attorney

You have plenty of choices among lawyers in the Texas Panhandle. Some practice personal injury. Some are involved in agricultural law. Others do estate planning and probates. Still others are involved in criminal law cases. When you are looking for the right fit for your particular situation, you want an experienced Amarillo attorney that specializes in the area of law that most concerns you or a loved one. Read entire article


More Travelers Can Mean More Car Accidents So Be Careful And Safe This Summer

Summer is nearly here and vacations are right around the corner. If 2016 taught us anything, it is that there will be a lot more travelers on the road this summer and the potential for a car accident can be high.  A sudden injury is rarely predictable.  A car accident, being hit by a motorist, or so many other unexpected events can occur. Be careful and be safe, but if you are involved in a car accident or other personal injury event, get the help you need medically and legally fast. Read entire article


What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident

Staying calm in the moment is so important when you have been involved in a car wreck.  If you have a checklist in your head, you will not only be able to take care of first things first but also protect yourself in the days following.  We are taught to recognize health scares such as heart attacks and strokes, but possible car accidents don’t come with a manual so keep this checklist close at hand in the event you ever find yourself involved in a car accident. Read entire article


Understanding Your Rideshare Risks

It’s a brave new world out there and you need to understand the nuances of the relatively new billion dollar rideshare industry.  Uber and Lyft have added a layer to our travel opportunities.  Eventually driverless cars will dot the roadway as well.  When you are involved in an car accident with an Uber or Lyft driver what is the liability and what are your risks? Read entire article


To Probate…Or Not To Probate

Let’s start with a simple dictionary definition of probate.  Probate is defined as “the official proving of a will or the process to establish the validity of a will”.  As Baby Boomers age, more and more questions about this legal procedure are being asked.  Is probate necessary in my particular situation?  How long does the probate process take?  Do I need legal assistance to sort out the probate process? Read entire article


Grass Fires In The Texas Panhandle Cause Devastating Losses

Recently, fires in the Texas Panhandle have destroyed thousands of acres, killed livestock and even resulted in loss of human life. This disaster can be devastating to each property owner, family and individual that suffered personal injuries, loss of life and or property loss caused by these out of control grass fires. If this disaster happens to you, it is imperative to have a lawyer start quickly to gather evidence as soon after the grass fire as possible. Cornett Law Firm has experience dealing with damages caused by previous grass fires in the Panhandle of Texas. Read entire article











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